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How can Bonus Chests Work?

Head over to Treasure Hunter and you'll be competent to throw open the newest bonus chest immediately, and claim two prismatic lamps.

After that, every time you work with a Critical for open a usual chest, you’ll add one charge towards the bonus chest. You will observe what's within the bonus chest by hovering your mouse over it, and it is contents changes with each Key you use.

Once it reaches five charges, you're free to open it and claim its contents – which is twice the volume of a normal Treasure Hunter prize! That has everything – right up to probably the most sought-after items Alice can give.

Realize that it is possible to charge tummy around far, and opening it is going to consume five of people charges. The prize continues to switch, even though you continue using Keys as the bonus chest is in the complete ten charges.

If the doubled-up prize is often a unique item – a skilling outfit piece, for instance – you'll get the duplicate's cash-out value in its place.


Publish Time:Thursday, August 06, 2015

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