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Cleaning's Not a Drag

We've also added the ability to drag and drop items from your bank, should you wish to be rid of them. Note that this can only be used to destroy items - not to drop them on the ground.

This makes it easy to clear your bank of whole stacks of items without filling up your inventory with noted stacks first.

These two updates mean more time spent adventuring, and less time spent juggling your inventory. We hope you enjoy adventuring in a more convenient Gielinor。Solomon's now stocking the magnificently nostalgic RuneScape Through the Ages emote - designed and voted for by the RuneScape community. Head on over to Solomon's General Store now to pick it up!

Don't forget that you can now start earning Treasure Hunter keys through SuperSonicAds!

We've made a number of convenience updates to Treasure Hunter. Head on over to Mod SayIn's forum thread to find out more.

Publish Time:Monday, April 14, 2014

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